Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Healthy Heart Spirit Week February 13th - 17th

Monday 2/13Go Crazy for JRFH(Jump Rope for Heart) (Crazy socks, crazy hair)
Tuesday 2/14- Wear Red for the American Heart Association
Wednesday 2/15- Favorite Way to Exercise Day (dress in favorite athletic apparel, or sport uniform)
Thursday 2/16- Put a Cap on Heart Disease Day (hat day)
Friday 2/17- Dress Like the Zoo Crew 
Rory McFiercely- Lion superhero 
Sr. Tusker- Exercising elephant
Savanna Bolt- Lifeguard/Lifesaving Zebra
Jade Shoots- Panda basketball player
Jenny Kicks- Karate Monkey 
Finley Chillerton- Surfer Penguin

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